SG7 Jewellery and Single Mine Origin Gold

We are so delighted to be making our jewellery with traceable Single Mine Origin Gold. We think this makes us the first Jewellery Designers and Goldsmiths to be doing so in Leeds and possibly in the whole of West Yorkshire.

Our workshops and retail outlet are in Horsforth which is a Fairtrade town just outside Leeds. As a Jewellery Designers and makers, we have always tried to source gold and gemstones as sustainably and ethical as possible. We offer Fairtrade gold and responsibly sourced diamonds, now we are so pleased to be able to offer our customers Single Mine Origin Gold.

Only a tiny percentage of precious metal in the jewellery sector has a traceable source of origin. Our SMO certification gives our customers an auditable chain for every gram of gold and it gives total peace of mind that their gold has been produced within strict rules of social and environmental responsibility. From the moment it is mined, every gram of gold is traced by batch right through to the creation of a finished product. Single Mine Origin gold is segregated all the way along the supply chain, ensuring that you can be confident in exactly what you are purchasing. All the Single Mine Origin gold we now buy is currently sourced from the Hummingbird Resources Gold Mine in Mali. This mine has no ties with conflict, the miners are paid a just wage, have secure employment and the local community benefits from the mine’s many initiatives such as education, healthcare, safe drinking water, agricultural investment all of which supports a wide number of people.

And as we are Jewellery Designers and Goldsmiths, here in our workshop in this West Yorkshire town of Horsforth we design and we make the jewellery in gold from our Single Mine Origin in Mali, all of which means that your jewellery can be fully traced from one mine to our workshop to your finger.