Looking after your Silver Jewellery

Many of our customers love our handcrafted silver jewellery but sometimes when I ask someone whether they’ve still got the pendant or earrings they bought they’ll say yes but they’re a bit tarnished. Your jewellery is handcrafted from sterling silver. Unlike gold and platinum, silver will tarnish if it comes into contact with anything that contains sulphur. Perfume, hairspray, hand-cream, moisturisers and cosmetics contain sulphur so put your silver on after you’ve used these. Silver loves to be worn, just put it on after you’ve sprayed. Oh and don’t wear silver in swimming baths, they too contain sulphur.

To store silver, keep it in the box you bought it in wrapped in a cloth, not plastic. To clean it wipe it over with a silver cloth after you’ve worn it and it will stay as fresh looking as new. Silver Care Kit available from us for £3.99