Bespoke Commissions in 18ct gold

What we love to do most in our work is to create something unique for our customers. We have over 25 years of experience in designing and creating jewellery and we aim to create something precious for you and future generations.

It begins with an appointment and a conversation with you and what your ideas are – a face to face meeting, a telephone call or an email. We find out about you, the designs you like, the metals you prefer the shapes and colours of stones you like, what budget you’d like to spend and your timescale.

Your design can be based on one of ours personalised to your taste or it can be a design you have in mind or for example a unique engagement ring we create for you. We will produce hand drawings for you to see and when we are all clear about the design then a 20% deposit is put down. We will order in the gold and the diamonds, rubies or whatever materials are needed. Where possible we like you to be involved in choosing your stones from a selection we show you. We are proud to be able to offer you Fairtrade gold and gemstones as an ethical choice and believe strongly in ensuring all our supply chains are ethically sourced companies.

Then the making begins!

Red gold contains an alloy of pure gold and copper
Yellow Gold
Our white gold contains an alloy of pure gold and high palladium,

Pendants / Earrings

Carousel Pendant


Pendants / Earrings

Dewdrop pendant Rose gold


Pendants / Earrings

Opal River Pendant

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Pendants / Earrings

Marquise Pendant

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Pendants / Earrings

Ella Pendant


Your bespoke jewellery starts life with us as pieces of gold grain in either red, yellow or white in colour.

These grains are melted down and made into ingots. Then they are rollered, heated, pummelled, formed, drilled, beaten, polished and textured until they are transformed into beautifully crafted jewellery.

When the piece is ready you will see it and have a final fitting so we can make sure you are happy with it. We will make any adjustments before sending it to the Assay office to be hallmarked. The hallmark guarantees that you are receiving the quality and weight of gold that you are paying for.

From start to finish the process takes between 4 to 6 weeks depending on how busy we are.

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